Allyson Poska

Allyson Poska is the Director of the Women and Gender Studies program at Mary Washington. In her interview, Poska discusses setbacks, the curriculum, faculty and student involvement in the program, and Poska’s take on the program’s future.

Janet Wishner

Janet Wishner, former professor of philosophy at University of Mary Washington shares her experiences from the early formation of the Women’s Studies Program and goes further to express her thoughts on how the program will affect admission in the future.

Nina Mikhalevsky

Nina Mikhalevsky served as the acting provost during the final approval stages of the Women and Gender Studies Program. Her interview covers her past experience in the Women’s Studies field and her most recent affiliation with the genesis of the University of Mary Washington’s Women and Gender Studies Program.

Craig Vasey

Since his involvement in the Race and Gender Curriculum Development project, Dr. Craig Vasey has been an integral part of the establishment of Women and Gender Studies at the University of Mary Washington. In his interview, he discusses his experiences in Paris, the Race and Gender Curriculum Development project, and the process in establishing the new Women and Gender Studies major.

Marjorie Och

Professor Margery Och of the Department of Art and Art History is a founding member of the Womens and Gender Studies program. In her interview, Dr. Och disscusses the history of women’s studies, the formation of the program, and how different content areas are incorporated.

Cedric Rucker

Cedric Rucker is a Dean of students, and associate vice president at the Mary Washington College of Arts and Sciences and teaches courses in Sociology. He participated in various committees involved in the founding of women’s studies at UMW and teaches courses for the new major.

Connie Smith

Connie Smith has been teaching at the University of Mary Washington since 1970. In her interview, Smith discusses her first encounters with feminist literature, the course she taught entitled Women and Literature, and her work with the Introduction to Women’s Studies course.