This website marks a culmination of a senior seminar on oral history. Students in this course studied oral history methodology and the history of Women’s Studies at American colleges and universities. After receiving training in oral history interviewing and conducting an individual oral history interview, students interviewed faculty and staff on the founding of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Mary Washington.

Professor Jess Rigelhaupt and the students in the course would like to thank all of the narrators for their contributions to this project. We appreciate the contributions from Allyson Poska, Cedric Rucker, Craig Vasey, Nina Mikhalevsky, Judith Parker, Janet Wishner, Marjorie Och, and Constance Smith. Their recollections of the founding of Women’s and Gender Studies at UMW are invaluable resources.

Jess Rigelhaupt would like to thank Jim Groom (http://jimgroom.net/) and Martha Burtis (http://wrapping.marthaburtis.net) for their assistance with the website. Jim’s class visits and technical help have provided important insights on publishing oral history on the world wide web. Martha Burtis designed the website.

For questions or comments about this website or the oral history project, please contact Jess Rigelhaupt, jmr (at) umw.edu.

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  1. Megan Whiteaker says:

    Hello Dr. Rigelhaupt,

    I am not sure if you follow-up with this website but I found it the other day and wanted to say thank you for giving myself and the class this opportunity. I continue to talk about oral history and how it has impacted me! I hope Mary Washington continues to offer these type of courses, the students truly do benefit from them.

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